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This is a cut and paste of my answers to a HH meme in scaryfangirl's journal.

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Since Captain Horatio Hornblower has a long wait period, I rented "Damn the Defiant!" tonight.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. It was really well acted and the scenes were beautiful. Anyone who enjoyed the A & E Hornblower series or the movie "Master and Commander" would also enjoy this movie.


H.M.S. Defiant is a British movie released in 1962 about a mutiny aboard the fictitious ship of the title at around the time of the Spithead Mutiny, starring Alec Guinness and Dirk Bogarde. It was directed by Lewis Gilbert, with a screenplay by Nigel Kneale from the novel Mutiny by Frank Tilsley.

It was known as Damn the Defiant! in the United States.
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I am so sorry to see there is no fan group for "To Serve Them All My Days." I just recently re-watched this excellent and moving series centered around David Powlett-Jones, the tall, dark, handsome, sensitive and shell shocked young man, son of a miner, who returns from WWI to teach History in a boy's boarding school and moves from young cynic to older idealist.

For me words cannot express how much I enjoyed both the BBC series and the book. I was so sad when it ended that there was not more. Thank Goodness for Netflicks and being able to rent these types of movie and series that they never play on broadcast TV anymore.

I am also sorry there is no fan group for the Kent Family Chronicles by John Jakes. I was OBSESSED with this series when I was a teen. I first saw "The Seekers" (with Randolph Mantooth as the young Abraham Kent and George Hamilton as the dastardly seducing bi-sexual libertine naval officer whose actions have devestating consequences) at age 12 and I was hooked. I read each book hungrily and begged for forwards on my allowance money to get each next book, waiting was an agnony.

All the novels in the series were planned to have made into movies but they ended with the Seekers. I wish they would put the three movies they did make into movies into DVD format so that Netflicks would carry them.
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I just went to my Netflix account and found that Captain Horatio Hornblower is now available for rental.

I will be in a dither of excitement until it arrives! ( I guess this is the part where I mention they say it has a "very long wait")

I saw a good movie tonight: "Love Actually" (2003) and was so pleasantly surprised that it was such a good movie. Liam Neeson, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in this one. Such wonderfully developed characters and such a great storyline.

I also saw yestruday morning "Kidnapped" on Masterpiece Theatre. I love this version of it. it had Paul McGann as Colonel MacNab and Iain Glen as Alan Breck.
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They require a person to be 18 to take this test. It is fun and informative. Apparently I am attracted to men who look intelligent.
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I just saw a great movie with Gregory Peck called "The Purple Plain." I highly recommend it.

The Purple Plain [DVD] (1954)
Grief-stricken and suicidal following the death of his wife during the Blitz, Royal Air Force pilot Gregory Peck confronts his own mortality after his plane crashes in the Burmese jungle. Struggling to reach safety, Peck begins to realize how strong his will to live is as he leads two wounded companions through enemy territory, where he encounters an enchanting native. Captivating World War II drama co-stars Win Min Than, Brenda De Banzie, Bernard Lee. 102 min.
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The real question you have to ask yourself, however, is: what are you? Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Yes, friends, there is a difference, and this test will ultimately, finally and conclusively answer that question in the eyes of God and man.


My results:

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